About Us

Shaping the Future

For the last 20 years Interprodukt has designed and produced doors and windows out of steel
profiles. We own a fully equipped workshop, operated by experienced professionals. Handmade
constructions have a unique character and are a graceful finish for every interior.
Constructions are paint coated in any color of choice, we also use surface finishes with special effects
– resembling brass, bronze or rust.
All of the constructions are designed by us according to the individual needs and ideas of our
We have substantial experience in exterior and interior constructions for our recipients in numerous
countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and the
We rely on profiles of renowned companies, such as Jansen, Forster, Ottostumm, Secco, as well as in
great part using our own solutions.
Our products are one and two leaf doors, windows, partition walls, sliding doors, folding doors,
bathroom constructions.
Additionally we fulfill orders for doors and windows with fireproof rating – E30, EI30, E60, EI60.
Welcome to cooperation based on experience and professionalism..